IDEALNE NOGI W MGNIENIU OKA! Nasze rajstopy w sprayu to prosty sposób na perfekcyjne, opalone nogi bez względu na porę roku. Łatwe w aplikacji, natychmiast kryją niedoskonałości i nie pozostawiają śladów na ubraniach.

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Your #manicure could win you a trip to NYC! Share a pic of your mani with #InstaDriContest and its corresponding #Girly, #Bold, #Flirty, #Sporty or #Fashionable inspiration to win. Good luck!

The last time you experimented with nail shape or length, what did you like best?
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#Repost @lizzzak This is literally the fastest drying nail polish EVER. One perfect thick coat that dries in 60 seconds.. THATS IT. One minute I can have blue #bold nails and the next I can have #flirty pink nails.. ONE MINUTE. Perfect for me because I'm indecisive and can't ever decide on one color lol.. Thank you @sally_hansen for inventing this awesomeness. #sp #maniinaminute